Hoffman Beverage Company Special Events Polices and Procedure

  • Must have submit copy of valid VA ABC Banquet License for day/s of event to Hoffman Beverage
  • Events must be booked at a minimum of two weeks in advance.
  • If event is cancelled less than 24 hours prior customer will be charged the delivery fee and labor hours for the event.
  • If customer obtains an extension of a retail ABC license the order must go through the Hoffman Beverage Sales Representative. The event team is also unable to work the event, this is providing a service and is against ABC regulation. Unused product cannot be returned or picked following the event.
  • Product can be dropped off 24 hours prior to event. Exception: If the customer has an approved ABC license for Sunday and wants to pick up from the warehouse this can be done 48 hours out (Friday).
  • Keg minimum for every event is 8 – ½ barrel equivalents. If event fails to meet minimum there will be charge for each keg under minimum.
  • Package minimum for events where Hoffman Special Event team works is 50 cases. If case minimum is not met at the close of event there will be charge for each case under minimum.
  • Package minimum for package drop events (event is responsible for beer after delivery) is 25 cases. Hoffman must supply ice.
  • For an event that serves package beer only, unopened and undamaged cases are eligible to be returned and refunded.
  • Any keg that is tapped is deemed sold and full price is charged. There are no partial refunds/charges on kegged products.
  • Partial kegs after an event are to be returned to the warehouse and are not to be left onsite.
  • A VA tax form ST-10 will have to be submitted to Hoffman Beverage for exemption of VA state tax.
  • Full payment for event is due two weeks prior to event. Check will be cashed the week following the event. Refund will be issued via check by mail. This will not apply to EFT accounts.
For Pickup of Products:
Hoffman Beverage Warehouse
4105 S. Military Hwy
Chesapeake, VA 23321
  • Must email or submit copy of ABC License prior to arrival to ensure an account is setup and active for ordering
  • Must have paper copy of ABC License at time of pickup
  • No products will be available for return for refund
  • No Hoffman Beverage Coolers are available for use
  • No Saturday or Sunday pickups- Products must be picked up the Friday prior to event
  • Payment of product must be accepted at time of pickup (No Cash)
  • Ice and cups are also available purchase.

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